Securitization business

Security for initiators and investors

Since 2017, SCHNIGGE offers institutional clients the structuring and realization of intelligent securitization solutions through SCM Trust S.A. as its own securitization company under Luxembourg law. With the help of securitizations for individual investments or entire portfolios, we convert illiquid assets into liquid ones. Whether ships, aircrafts, real estate, commodities or receivables - almost all asset classes are possible.

The Luxembourg Securitization Law offers you numerous advantages from which you can benefit when implementing your structured financing: Flexibility, reliability, tax neutrality and cost efficiency. Securitization can thus be the ideal means for the targeted implementation of investment plans. We implement your desired scenario!

Our services

  • Structuring and realization of securitizations on behalf of initiators
  • Launch of compartments for third parties
  • Individual and comprehensive advice during the entire securitization process
  • Clarification of initiator requirements and incorporation of collateral structures, personnel structures and preparation of related securities documentation (incl. securities terms and conditions)
  • Technical securities processing, stock exchange admission, issuing advice
  • Ongoing administration and support
  • Distribution by your own or via partners