Our Service

SCHNIGGE has been a professional partner to over 60 clients in the past two years – whether in the impartial selection of products for your specific needs, in establishing contact to investors or as a lead broker, listing partner, designated sponsor or market maker.

Independence, comprehensive know-how and experience are the three pillars of our ability to perform. Your requirements are always the focus in forming the basis for finding appropriate and realistic solutions in partnership with SCHNIGGE.

Our corporate finance team offers you professional assistance with the following advisory services – both before and after your entry into the capital markets.

OTC equity, borrowing or mezzanine financing

  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Optimisation of the company structure (reporting, legal advice)
  • Reworking / overhauling the investment story
  • Preparation of necessary documentation (teaser, business plan, placement-memorandum, presentation)
  • Identifying and making contact with potential institutional investors
  • Transaction-oriented evaluation
  • Transaction structuring
  • Organisation of investor meetings (one-on-ones or roadshows) and coordination of the negotiation process

Structuring IPOs / IBOs plus placement

  • Development of issuing concept (stock market segment, issue volume, timing, etc.) – in all segments (unregulated markets, including entry standard, primary market or all regulated markets)
  • Formulating the investment story
  • Coordinating and realising of due diligence reports
  • Preparation of necessary documentation (securities prospectus by a lawyer, investor presentation, etc.)
  • Planning and organising investor meetings, establishing contact to large investors within our extensive network
  • International placement of the IPO shares
  • Stock market listing procedure and share cancellation process
  • Establishing the price range, the allocation criteria and the issue price
  • Comprehensive assistance after the transaction, e.g. designated sponsoring or block trades, etc.

and all other classes of securities (shares, convertible bonds, warrant bonds, participation certificates, convertible participating rights).

Placement / secondaries

  • Bond issue increases
  • Private placements

regardless of the class of securities.

Fund development and launch

  • Developing, launching and conveying of investment companies including group companies to you

Takeover, squeeze-out and going private (delisting) services

  • Company mergers
  • Changes of legal form
  • Incorporation
  • Stock repurchases
  • Reverse stock split
  • Asset sale
  • Squeeze out
  • Segment change from the open market to the regulated market and downgrades
  • Takeover offers in accordance with the Securities Acquisitions and Takeover Act (WpÜG) (for voluntary and mandatory offers)


We would be pleased to provide you with assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.