Corporate Finance

The financial sector is undergoing upheaval – words such as Basel III, financial crisis and credit crunch are making the headlines. Accordingly you as an issuer face constantly changing requirements, which put the flexibility and competitiveness of your company to the test.

In management, you check and evaluate the financing of your company on a daily basis. In doing so, you must always keep your company’s future in mind by recognising risks and chances early enough and making decisions accordingly.

SCHNIGGE Wertpapierhandelsbank SE is an entirely independent financial institute with its headquarters in Willich and a branch in Frankfurt am Main. With its staff of 30 capable and experienced employees, SCHNIGGE’s wide-ranging expertise in capital markets spans decades. SCHNIGGE itself has been listed in the regulated market on the stock exchange since 1999.

SCHNIGGE Wertpapierhandelsbank SE strives to be your qualified and reliable partner in working together with you to build bridges to new markets and coordinate the specialists within the company with those in the capital markets seamlessly.

Our particular strength lies in the in broadness of our services: the complete service portfolio of comprehensive assistance to corporate finance clients can be catered for, in-house, by SCHNIGGE.