Subscription Platform

By creating an innovative tool for all types of investment vehicles entering the capital markets, SCHNIGGE has filled a gap for capital market participants who at a disadvantage either due to their principle bank, their IT systems or capacity constraints.

This subscription platform solution is available to subscribers and issuers as well as investment companies.

For Subscribers:

By using our online subscription platform investors can follow issues on the capital market and purchase publicly offered bonds online.

Register today and benefit from direct information and the ability to place orders directly.

For issuers:

Option 1

We provide an online subscriptions box for each new issue. This is linked to our database of established clientele who want to be informed about new issues.

In this way, our issuers find investors familiar with securities, who have subscribed to securities previously.

Option 2

In this case the issuer offers the securities themselves. In order to take advantage of this powerful and automatic subscription platform, it is integrated into the issuer’s corporate website.

In this case, SCHNIGGE only acts as the custodian of the subscription services such as in accepting deposits, balancing the deposits, accepting subscriptions or allocating securities. Here too the issuer has complete access to all the data and can see the status of the subscriptions.

Take advantage of SCHNIGGE’s solid reputation and years of experience in capital markets!

For fund companies

Particularly when new funds are launched, it is imperative to know which group of investors can be contacted and via which channels in order to complete the initial phase of fund raising successfully.

Fund companies without a large network of branches are especially at a disadvantage.

SCHNIGGE’s online subscription platform can be used for this purpose effectively and serve as a “pool” for those wishing to invest but who are unable to do so via their principle bank. SCHNIGGE settles directly with the client’s principle bank – at no expense to the fund company.

Use our online subscription platform to get your fund off to a flying start.