Social Responsibility

Given the huge sums of money that are traded on the capital markets every day, one might think that a “securities trading bank” thinks of nothing but money and profits.

One can indeed make a great deal of money on the stock market – but one can also lose everything that one has, and more. Whether because of this or in spite of this, there is no doubt that the capital markets today, as always, have a powerful attraction to those who crave not only excitement but wealth.

With the superb staff which it thus able to attract, SCHNIGGE does indeed make profits – which it achieves by executing thousands of orders each and every day on behalf of its clients, for which it receives commissions and fees.

SCHNIGGE, however, see its mission as broader than this. In addition to its responsibility to clients in terms of the fairness, transparency and consistently high standards of the services which it provides (see SCHNIGGE and MiFID), the company also believes in its responsibility to the community of which it is a part. In this spirit of social responsibility, SCHNIGGE is proud to donate a portion of its profits to worthy causes.

Some of the charitable organisations which we support are as follows:

Providing support to troubled children and families in our own communities [More...]

Lending a helping hand to the poorest of the world’s children [More...]

Helping the homeless in Düsseldorf [More...]

Wholesome food for the homeless and hungry in Düsseldorf [More...]