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For more than 15 years, the name “SCHNIGGE” has been synonymous with expertise in capital markets, innovation in exchange trading, and reliability in order execution and market making. In our home city of Düsseldorf, we are the leading market maker and provider of fund trading on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange, where we offer our clients excellence in order execution each and every day. We attribute our track record of success not only to the high quality of our products and services but also to the commitment and expert knowledge of our staff.

SCHNIGGE takes the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) very seriously. For us, the principles of investor protection and transparency embodied in MiFID have been a foundation of our business practices, long before these formal regulations were imposed.

With our offices in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, we are based in the heart of Germany’s financial centres, where much of the trading takes place. Shares of SCHNIGGE Wertpapierhandelsbank SE are publicly listed for trading in the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and other leading German exchanges (ISIN DE000A0EKK20).

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